Custom Powerblanket Questionnaire

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Custom Powerblanket Questionnaire
Please answer as many of the questions as are applicable. We realize this is a long form, but we want to ensure that we are providing you with the best custom solution possible for your application. The more detail you can provide the better. Please consider emailing us images of your site, if possible.
1. Which of these best describes the system requiring heat: drum/bucket, tote, tank, gas cylinder, pipe, flat surface (vertical or horizontal?), other?
2. Can you provide drawings and/or photos? What are the critical dimensions of the system?
3. What material is the container / surface made of (i.e. tank wall, drum wall)? How thick?
4. What is the substance being heated (i.e. water, oil, pipe contents, concrete, frozen ground)?
5. Is this a flowing system? If so, what is the flow rate (include units, gpm, cfm, etc.)?
6. What is the coldest expected ambient temperature (include units, °F, °C)?
7. What is the maximum expected wind velocity (include units, mph, kph, etc.)?
8. Are there other environmental conditions that may be relevant?
9. What is the beginning temperature of the substance or contents (include units, °F, °C)?
10. What is the desired final temperature of the substance or contents (include units, °F, °C)?
11. What temperature range is acceptable (include units, °F, °C)?
12. Are there upper and lower temperatures where the substance or contents will be damaged (include units, °F, °C)?
13. Is there a time frame requirement for the initial heating?
14. What power source is preferred (i.e.: 120, 208, 240, DC)? Are other options available?
15. How far away is the power source (cord length)?
16. Do you require CID2 or UL/CSA certified product?
17. How many units do you need now and in the future?
18. What is the required delivery date?
19. What is your current solution for your cold weather problems/issues?
20. What happens when your application freezes or fails?
21. What is the loss (labor, cost, time, frustration) associated with your application when it doesn’t work?
22. Please provide contact information name, phone number and email) for someone that can answer technical questions about the application if necessary.
Please feel free to send us any images of your facility or area where you require a heated product. 256mb max file size. We prefer .jpg or .pdf files.